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Camel Wool Knee on elastic material

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The knee made of natural camel wool on an elastic basis of polypropylene and elastane is firmly held on the leg, providing comfort for walks and exercise.

There is no cotton in the product, therefore, after frequent washing it does not deform and retains its original shape.

The thin elastic base makes the knee invisible under the clothes (under trousers or leggings).

The product will protect you from draughts and frosts at home and in nature.

The lanolin in wool has an incredible beneficial effect on the skin and joints.

Thanks to the latex contained in the composition of the knee, the knee is stretched and fits tightly around the knee joint. Consists of two layers: the first layer of 100% camel wool, the second layer of fiber. Both layers are connected with natural latex, which gives the product the necessary elasticity and elasticity.

Russian Federation
Length 27 sm
Width 14 sm
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