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Warm Belts

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Camel hair belt is knitted Camel hair belt is knitted
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Camel hair belt knitted Camel hair belt knitted
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Camel hair belt with buttons Camel hair belt with buttons
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Velcro belt camel wool (fabric on cotton) Velcro belt camel wool (fabric on cotton)
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Warming camel hair belts

Using a camel's wool belt, you can get rid of many health problems associated with prolonged exposure to cold and draughts without medication. The belt has a sufficiently effective therapeutic effect, giving dry healing heat and stimulating blood circulation.

Thermoprophylactic abilities of the belt support the warming effect. Under the clothes, the product is invisible, it optimally envelops the lumbosacral region, which is facilitated by the universal width of the belt.

Due to the effect of dry heat on the diseased organs, the pain begins to gently calm down. Warming belts made of camel hair have a texture that helps gently activate the body points with involuntary soft massage of the affected area, increasing the blood flow to it.

For maximum effect, a camel hair belt should be worn on the naked body. The elastic belt with camel hair stretches well and is completely invisible under the clothes. Art.103 has a velcro belt buckle, a woven blanket belt, hygroscopic, does not create a greenhouse effect, and does not irritate the skin.

Prevention and treatment

According to the feedback of doctors of different specialties, these belts help in the treatment of illnesses such as:

  • musculoskeletal disorders;
  • Urinary stones and cystitis;
  • peripheral nervous system diseases.

You can buy a camel's wool belt in our shop by making a phone call or leaving a request on our website. We offer belts of different designs and for different applications. Thanks to this, they can be picked up by shape. Buying products made of material created by nature, you will feel the uniqueness of the therapeutic and preventive action of camel wool.

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