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Wool socks

Brown camel wool socks Brown camel wool socks
Camel woolen socks
Brown socks made of yak wool
Yak wool socks are thin
Camel wool socks for kids Camel wool socks for kids

Camel wool socks for kids

#109 Children's warm socks for home and street. For children from 1 to 11 years old. Can..

460 руб.

Beige cashmere socks Beige cashmere socks
Warm cashmere socks Warm cashmere socks
Brown camel wool golfs
Camel hair insoles Camel hair insoles

Camel hair insoles

#170 Shoe insoles made of camel wool in natural color "camel". The bottom of the insoles..

370 руб.

Out Of Stock
Socks grey yak wool
Out Of Stock
Camel hair gaiters Camel hair gaiters
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Wool is prized for its excellent thermal, hypoallergenic, anti-stress properties. This makes camel socks comfortable, warm and environmentally friendly.

Qualitatively knitted socks are durable and durable, soft and lightweight. Industrial socks have a number of advantages and are characterized by the presence of:

  • two-layer knitting, providing an anti-stress effect;
  • antistatic properties that help repel dust;
  • the therapeutic effect for colds;
  • analgesic, warming, relaxing effect, etc.

Warm woolen socks are indispensable for residents of cold climatic regions. When buying, you should choose your size, since the socks are quite thin and do not deform on the leg.

The thermal effect is noticeable from the first hours of use.
Camel wool socks have a dry heat effect that prevents the foot from sweating.

The lanolin content of wool helps to improve the condition of the skin of the legs, giving it elasticity and smoothness.

They will help relieve rheumatic and arthritic pains, increase immunity to ailments, etc.

It is recommended to buy camel hair socks for people with sensitive skin, as they do not cause irritation.

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Camel wool socks for kids

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