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Camel wool dress with throat light color

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9,500 руб. 11,100 руб.

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A warm camel's wool dress will be your favorite thing in the bad weather and cold season.

The dress has a beautiful light coffee shade, which emphasizes the color of your skin and eyes. Long sleeves of raglan blend harmoniously with the figure of any type, its advantages can be emphasized with the help of appropriate accessories. The dress can be worn with thin or thick pantyhose, contrasting color or flesh-colored, complementing the image with boots or boots.

Camel wool dress is very comfortable, it is designed for different situations. You can go on a romantic date or business meeting, take a walk with friends in the autumn park or admire the blossoming trees in spring. The dress fits well with your jacket, coat, cardigan or coat. The 2 yarn yarn is thin but strong enough to keep the shape of the product after washing.

Beautiful silhouette can be made even better if you have additional clothes or accessories in a contrasting color. You can create a unique image that is equally well suited to different styles: everyday or festive.

Country Mongolia
Camel wool 100%
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