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Cashmere dress is light

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15,430 руб.

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Beige cashmere dress will protect you from the cool sea breeze during your vacation and will not look too warm.

It is a delicate color and cashmere, which due to its porous structure is an amazing fabric, does not heat up and does not make you sweat.

Medium length long sleeveless dress with open neck. Thanks to the straight cut the dress fits the figure smoothly. In addition to the elegant style and pleasant color, the dress attracts customers by the fact that, made of natural materials, it eliminates the emergence of its owner of allergies, which many people suffer from when wearing woolen clothing.

The manufacturer of clothing under the brand name Royal Wool completely excludes this possibility, making a fabric from wool of mountain cashmere goats without any admixtures and additives.

Country Mongolia
Cashmere 100%
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