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Cashmere plaid

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Cashmere plaid in Pala-CashmereCashmere plaid

Cashmere blankets perfectly combine aesthetic luxury with tactile and warming properties. It is not only a reliable protection from the cold in winter, but also an integral element of cozy interior decoration.

Spread out by the fireplace or thrown over the back of a rocking chair, such a blanket seems to be conducive to a cozy and family pastime. And the touch of a soft and light material (pashmina) makes you forget about a stressful working day, and gives you a long-awaited rest.

Cashmere and rugs made of it are several times warmer than products made from less expensive unnatural materials. They are more pleasant to the touch: it is a real pleasure to wrap up in a soft delicate cashmere fabric! In addition, cashmere, like natural wool, is hypoallergenic, which is an indisputable advantage for people with sensitive skin.

Популярные товары

Cashmere beige brown plaid with tassels

36,900 руб. 38,200 руб.

Yak wool blanket gray

20,950 руб.

Cashmere blanket in blue and grey

36,900 руб. 38,200 руб.

White cashmere plaid

36,900 руб. 38,200 руб.