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Сashmere scarf

Cashmere knitted dark gray scarf Cashmere knitted dark gray scarf
Cashmere knitted light beige scarf Cashmere knitted light beige scarf
Cashmere Knitted Pink Scarf Cashmere Knitted Pink Scarf
Cashmere pink scarf Cashmere pink scarf
Dark beige cashmere scarf Dark beige cashmere scarf
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Cashmere scarves from Mongolia: how to choose a fashionable and how to care for him

Cashmere knowingly called "golden wool" or "woolen gold" - this is really the best natural raw material for yarn, collected from goats of Kashmiri breeds.
This downy undercoat is combed manually in spring, during the spring moult, when it is no longer needed for the animal to heat the body. Yarn from it is often not colored and
has a natural pale gray, beige or milky-white color, and products from it "do not prick", do not cause allergic reactions, warm well and protect from cold and wind.

The basis of the scarf is a yarn, a more delicate and delicate version of which is called "pashmina" (from downy undercoat of mountain goats). It is more subtle, more elite,
rare and worthy expensive. Other additives can be added to the yarn: for example, ordinary wool or silk thread for smoothness and shine and for extending the time of the socks,
although the things from natural cashmere with the proper care of it and so serves for a long time.

In recent years, the men's cashmere scarf, like the female one, has become an attribute of fashion, especially for wealthy people, although they do not cost us fabulous, and every fan of natural materials can afford to buy these products.

Choosing a cashmere scarf and care for it

Yarn from cashmere can easily be dyed, so the color palette of such products is extensive and diverse. The only drawback of colored dyed yarn - it loses
natural softness and tenderness of touching the percentage of 15-20, while remaining the most mild variety of wool. Be sure to pay attention to the price: natural
Cashmere scarf can not be cheap. it is based on a lot of manual labor and the raw materials themselves are expensive.

This accessory should look natural and expensive. It can be successfully combined with other elements of the image in any style: not only in the classical or in the business,
but also in the romantic. Fashionable now are accessories branded colors Burberry (Burberry), which are alternating light and dark (more often - it is the shades of gray
color or admixture of brown) squares or diamonds. Technologically, such women's and men's are most often made by adding to the soft yarn thin sheep's wool and, in fact,
are only half cashmere. But sometimes darker diamonds are made from a natural undercoat of brown or platinum yak, then this scarf has the right to be called natural. This is easily
determined by the thickness of the thread and by the difference in its structure.

Scarves from cashmere and for a present will perfectly approach, since. You will be able to present not only a fashionable and necessary accessory, but also care for health, protecting a loved one from the risk of getting sick / colds in the cold season. Wrapped up and all over Russia.

It is recommended to take care of the scarf by hand washing in warm water (up to 30 ° C), using delicate detergents for wool. After washing, the scarf should be thoroughly rinsed and cleaned with excess moisture. It should not be wrung out and twisted! For drying - neatly spread on a horizontal plane, for example, on a cotton towel, stretching the bends and creases.

Choose on these pages a favorite scarf and enjoy the possession of a wonderful thing.

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