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Women's coat of yak and sheep's wool on buttons

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9,770 руб.

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A very stylish coat that will become an indispensable element of your wardrobe with the advent of autumn or in spring cool weather.

Coats to the knee with a stand-up collar of light gray color are decorated with wide pockets, hidden clasps emphasize its unusual style. This model will look perfect with a coat or skirt, pants or jeans. In this coat you will look very attractive and will not be left without attention of others, as it will add you special charm.

The coat is made of natural yak and lambs, which are considered the best due to their characteristics. They conduct air remarkably and keep warm, so in a coat you will be as comfortable and cozy as possible.

The coat does not require special care, it will be enough for you to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer, and for a long time it will remain a real decoration of your wardrobe.

Country Mongolia
Yak hair 70%
Lamb hair 30%
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