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Camel Wool Slim Sweater

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Woolen sweater made of real Mongolian camel wool. Pure-wool yarn does not contain artificial fibers, the color of a natural camel wool without the use of dyes. In a camel sweater you are guaranteed a complete sensation of warmth and comfort due to the well-known property of camel hair “breathe”, i.e. let air in while maintaining optimal body temperature even in the coldest seasons.

Like any product made of camel hair, this sweater is suitable for everyone who cares about their health. After all, any thing made of 100% wool is much warmer than things made from artificial substitutes for natural fibers.

The product looks great and has its original color even after many washes. In our store you can buy a camel wool sweater complete with leggings or men's underpants. And in the cold season, you will be fully protected from frost and piercing cold winds.

Country Mongolia
Camel wool 100%
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