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Mitten Women

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Mittens of lambs wool Mittens of lambs wool
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Mongolian yarn mittens in PALA-cashmere

  • The hollow structure of camel hair (in the cut of the hair resembles a tube), creates an additional heat-insulating effect, plus, the wool absorbs moisture and your palms will be dry and warm in any weather. Well, double knitting of mittens doubles this effect of dry heat.
  • Camel wool yarn, in addition, is antibacterial, hygienic and anti-allergenic - therefore camel wool mittens are allowed for release and are recommended for children to wear: your child will be warm and comfortable in them even in frosty weather.
  • The world's best camel yarn is made in Mongolia from the wool of a special breed of Mongolian bactrian camels (Bactrian). It is from this wool that the mittens that we sell are made.
  • Of course, camel mittens are a great find for those who are worried about rheumatism, sciatica or arthritis: in camel mittens and camel wool socks you can walk or work in any weather.
  • Natural camel Mongolian yarn can only be cream, brown, beige or dark brown.

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