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Dress Cashmere Dark Beige

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Becoming the owner of this dark beige cashmere dress, you will always feel comfortable in any rainy weather.

The long, tight fitting sleeve and high raised collar will create a feeling of protection from wind and coolness. Soft cashmere gently caresses the skin and at the same time well holds the heat. Thanks to the elastic properties of the fabric, as well as the cut, the dress does not restrain movements and is well suited for both walking and working.

The fabric withstands numerous washes well, does not fade and does not deform. Having appeared in your wardrobe, this dress will become one of your favorite things, for a long time, without losing its original appearance.

This dress will undoubtedly be of interest to those who prefer natural materials, such as cashmere, made of mountain goat wool. Important indicators of this fabric is that the products made of it are environmentally friendly.

Royal-Wool (Mongolia)
10% cashmere
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