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Women's Yak wool Waistcoat colored "coffee"

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A stylish classic cut tunic vest for women who prefer to wear fashionable clothes that emphasize their individuality, and at the same time prefer natural materials.

A wide V-shaped collar, an original knitting rhombus was used as decoration, such a vest will look amazing with a pencil skirt or trousers, a light sweater, a blouse can be worn under it.

The vest is made of natural yak wool, which is appreciated throughout the world for its lightness, it is pleasant to the touch, soft and retains heat perfectly.

A great choice for everyone who loves quality, and at the same time adheres to his individual style. In addition, the vest favorably emphasizes the slender graceful figure of a woman and does not leave her without attention of others.

Country Mongolia
Yak hair 100%
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