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Yak hair high neck sweater

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12,180 руб.

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A chic elongated sweater made of 100% yak wool will be a great choice for a woman who prefers a free style of clothing, and appreciates the quality, practicality and convenience of things.

The sweater is tied in a triple thread with a high collar and free bottom, ideal for women of different sizes. In it you will feel comfort, freedom and, simultaneously, look stylish and attractive. The sweater is tied with an "elastic rubber band" and looks great on any figure.

Due to the fact that the sweater is made of natural wool, it is perfectly passes the air, it is easy to care for, does not stretch and does not "sit down", always make you happy with a flawless look for a long time.

Yak wool is hypoallergenic, does not irritate the skin, very soft and gentle to the touch, as well as light, so this sweater will certainly be a favorite thing in the wardrobe of ladies.

Country Mongolia
Yak hair 100%
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