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Cardigan female grey from yak wool with a pattern "rhombus"

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A chic large-knit sweater made of natural yak wool will become a necessary element of women's wardrobe, who lead an active lifestyle and appreciate not only fashionable, but also comfortable things.

Natural yak wool is very soft, it is always pleasant to the touch. It is also hypoallergenic and provides optimal heat transfer, the wool absorbs excess moisture and the skin remains dry, which is very important when choosing warm clothes.

In this jumper, you are not afraid of the cold and the piercing wind. A great solution for walking in nature, on the promenade or in the park, it is ideal for trousers, leggings or jeans.

The jumper is easy to care for, it is easy to wash, and at the same time retains its original shape and color, no spools are formed on it.

A great solution for stylish, confident women.

Country Mongolia
Yak hair 100%
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