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Women's stoles in PALA cashmere:

Groups are distinguished according to their composition:

  • from camel yarn;
  • cashmere (goat undercoat);
  • from fine-wool lambs fiber;
  • from the most delicate blended yarn silk + cashmere;
  • from the undercoat of a yak - pure or mixed with sheep.

Популярные товары

Palatine openworked camel hair

4,330 руб.

Openwork gray stole

8,030 руб.

Beige openwork stole

8,030 руб.

Openworked palatine yak wool

7,190 руб.

Yak wool palatine is openworked

7,190 руб.

Cashmere openwork stole

7,190 руб.