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Cashmere scarves
Women's stoles


Beige cashmere scarf in a cage

7,760 руб. 8,990 руб.

Beige cashmere to cage scarf

7,760 руб. 8,990 руб.

Burgundy Cashmere Women's Hat

6,220 руб. 7,310 руб.

Cashmere single color hat

6,220 руб. 7,310 руб.


Leggings black from sheep's wool

4,160 руб.

Camel hair belt is elastic

910 руб.

Brown camel wool socks

690 руб.

Leggings are woolly and light

4,160 руб.

Grey mittens made of wool

1,120 руб.

Camel hair belt with velcro

2,050 руб.

Camel hair leggings

7,310 руб.

Camel hair shorts

3,730 руб.

Wool clothing store PALA cashmere

Reasons to buy knitted clothes from us:

  1. High level of materials and production
  2. Possibly the best value for money
  3. It is convenient to choose and pay online for the goods on the website
  4. Delivery of parcels to Europe and America